The facility for Discus Throw near the 1500m start is usually combined with a facility for Hammer Throw, the only difference being the diameter of the throwing circle is 2.50m for Discus Throw and 2.135m for Hammer Throw. The protective cage must meet the more stringent requirements for discuss and hammer throwing. It should be at least four metres high in seven panels suspended on uprights of galvanised iron piping on weighted feet. The U-shape of the whole structure should keep it standing with the help of a stay at each end. The interior of the circle may be constructed of concrete asphalt or some other firm but not slippery material. The length of landing sector shall be 80m and shall consist of cinders or grass or other suitable material on which the implement makes an imprint. Minimum length of the outward extension of the centre of the circle. Which divides is not front half and rear half should be 75cm. Top of the circle should be at ground level. The thickness of the rim of the circle should be 6mm. The maximum allowance for the overall downward inclination of the landing sector, in the throwing direction, shall not exceed 1:1000.


Method of marking a circle and arcs are same as given in shot put.
Direction of the sectorNorth or South
Diameter of the circle2.50m[±5mm]
Radius of the circle1.25m
Angle of the sector34.92°
Width of the marking lines5cm