The javelin is thrown from an arc at the end of runway 30 – 36.5 metres long and four metres wide into a throwing sector of angle 29º. The javelin throw facility includes a runway, a throwing arc and a landing sector. The maximum allowance of the runway shall be 1:100 and the overall inclination in the runway direction 1:1000. All lines on the entire field are five centimetres except those that mark the throwing arc for the javelin.


  1. Draw a straight line A, C in the throwing direction.
  2. The length of AC=30-36.5m
  3. Mark E 3m away from A in the line AC, mark B at the cutting point where the two arc’s with 4m radius from A and 5m radius from E.
  4. Mark an arc F 3m from point C in AC and take 4m radius from C and 5m radius from F and draw are towards the runway. (Pythagoras theorem).
  5. From the throwing end of the runway measure back along the centre of the runway precisely eight metres. Mark this spot with a spike or a peg, as it forms the centre of the throwing arc at the end of the runway and of the sector. From this point tension an eight-metre length of string and scribe an arc at the end of the runway. Line this arc twice to produce a line of width seven centimetres. Where the arc meets the sides of the runway, extend the arc ends at right angles to the runway edges for 75 centimetres.
  6. The sector lines should be continued for a minimum distance of 75 metres and their ends marked with red flags.