The shot is put from a throwing circle of 2.135 metres inside diameter with a wooden stop-board or other suitable material in the shape of an arc at the front, shall be painted white, which is 1.14 – 1.16 metres long, 10 centimetres high and 11.2-13 centimetres wide, conforming to the arc of the throwing circle. The surface of the circle ideally should be concrete, asphalt or some other firm, non-slip surface bounded by a metal ring of at least six millimetres and sunk level with the surface of the surrounding ground. The surface of the throwing circle should be 1.4 to 2.6 centimetres below the top edge of the metal ring. The landing sector shall consist of cinders or grass or other suitable material on which the implement makes an imprint. The maximum allowance for the overall downward inclination of the landing sector, in the throwing direction, shall not exceed 1:1000.


  1. Fix a nail at point O. Draw a circle with 1.067m as radius. Fix one end of the thread at O and extend it to the direction and fix the other end.
  2. The inside diameter of the circle shall be 2.135m (±5mm) in shot putting.
  3. Measure 20m from OA= 20m and peg a nail. Draw an arc from the point A by taking 12m radius. Again from the point O draw an arc by taking 20m as radius.
  4. Both arcs meet at a point B AOB = 34.92° mark a point cut 6m center of AB- from the point C extent the thread passing through the centre point. Mark a 5-centimetre line along those two resulting sector lines, which will be at the required 34.92º to each other and extend the line to an extent of 75cm outside the circle.
  5. The width of the scratch line as 5cm and it is in the front half.